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I am proud and thankful to be able to publish these testimonials from those I have worked with.

Testimonials: About

Mentoring and Coaching

I have found Krishen’s coaching invaluable to progress my professional journey as the CEO of a FinTech. I always get a huge amount of value from our sessions and look forward to every single one of them. Krishen is personable, empathetic, knowledgeable, professional and discrete.

I have worked with Krishen for over two years to set, track and execute key professional and personal goals. Our sessions are varied and Krishen is always prepared to adapt to new challenges require immediate attention in our sessions.

Mentoring and Coaching

You have always made me feel comfortable and I am able to have honest and vulnerable conversations with you.
The experience has been inspiring to me.
The sessions have helped me become more conscious on how my behavior impacts outcome and you have given me a number of suggestions/techniques to improve.
I now take more ownership of my growth -  my conversations with my manager around growth planning have improved as I am now able to plan and articulate what steps I want to take and validate them rather than ask my manager to prepare a plan for me – this has been received well my managers.
Collectively this improves my personality.

Life Coaching

Krishen has been coaching me for just over six months. What started as career-focused quickly broadened out, as under the spotlight of coaching sessions I recognized that my job wasn’t the area that needed some attention.

Krishen supported me with a number of tools and activities to help me explore and rebalance the way I’m spending my time and energy. This helped me to focus more time on my priority areas, and to rediscover the inspiration I had been missing.

He then provided regular accountability to help me stay focused and moving forward. He’s an excellent listener and wasn’t fazed at all by my rambling answers.

He is brilliant at finding his way through my waffle to pull out the nuggets that tell me what I really want and what I need to do.

Coaching and Mentoring
(Hong Kong)

I think your sessions helped my soft skills a lot.
e.g. positive attitude to say no, delegate the work, how to present the information to audience (both presentation and email), conduct 1:1 with my teammates effectively, aware not to speak the point repeatedly if the audience already show their understanding, how to let senior management understand impact/risk or any areas they think critical when requesting approval/dispensation.
I really appreciate your help and I think you are very good coacher – active listening and provide some ways how to tackle the difficulties/conflict.

Testimonials: Testimonials
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