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Why I offer coaching and why I might be right for you

About Me: About Me

What led me to offering coaching services

Before offering one-to-one personal coaching services, I had actively integrated the core techniques into my career for 10 years.

My coaching journey began in a medium-sized consultancy firm in London.  I thoroughly enjoyed coaching staff members and derived a lot of fulfilment from seeing their efforts lead to step changes.

I started to take a coaching approach with colleagues at clients and into subsequent employments.  I coached a few individuals at a time, informally and off my own back, rather than as part formal ‘coaching' program.

This ad-hoc, existing relationship approach worked effectively; a coach and coachee need to ‘click’ and both be committed to the activity and the outcomes.

I have seen that mandated corporate pairings can risk being seen as “mandatory training", which can detract from the possible benefits.

Seeing the benefits coaching had on my coachees, I started to offer a coaching service outside of my normal workplace environment.

About Me: About

A bit about who I am

I was born in Hong Kong, where my parents began their married life together.  My mother is of Welsh and Scottish background, raised in Wales. My father is of Indian background, raised in Hong Kong.

I have lived in the UK for almost all of my life, within commuting distance of London.  Growing up, my brother and I lived a mostly English style family home life.

Chinese New Year featured as an additional celebration each year, based on my Dad's childhood, and Diwali was a big drive for him to visit his family each year in Mumbai.

My wonderful wife and I have two "almost teenage" girls that keep us pretty busy, week to week. A keen actress, swimmer and a keen dancer, flautist.

As we have grown as a family, my approach to relationships with others has also grown.  We learn from all areas of our life and those learnings can actively influence our approaches elsewhere.

My wife and I are keen to show our girls as much of our mixed culture and heritage we can bring into their lives.  Travel locally in the UK, and a few bigger trips to see family and experience Hong Kong and India, feature in our family bucket list.

I'm a keen cyclist at a "social" level and commutes to work.  I frequently find myself enthusiastically encouraging others to get (back) on the saddle and ride: either to work, or out with one of the huge variety of informal and formal cycling groups that exist.

About Me: About

Realising my own ambition

Over the years, and ongoing, I repeatedly see the benefits of 1:1 coaching.  Whether a couple of ad-hoc sessions or a part of rolling regular sessions, individuals always benefit.

I often employ many of the techniques in my own life to check in on my personal “Why?”, reconnect with my ambitions and set out actions to move towards achieving them.

In fact, this website is one of the results of setting a goal and driving the tasks to fulfill a passion.

Take care, and I look forward to hearing from you.

About Me: About
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