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Personal referral for your personal growth

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Someone who has your personal growth in mind has forwarded this link to you. 

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They know me personally and understand the benefits of the coaching and mentoring skills I offer.  They probably have benefited from having had a coach themselves.

They recognise the positive influence of having someone outside of your usual circle of colleagues, friends and family to help you work through achieving significant changes.

Such a relationship can be instrumental in generating major positive progression and trajectory shifts, unlocking the dreams you have.

You might like to stat with reading some of my blog posts.

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How a coach can help

I offer a "kick start your next chapter" coaching package that will get you focused on clarifying your values, life goals and the immediate actions to move towards them.

I have often seen individuals who have got so caught up in the treadmill of a chosen career, or feeling a need to focus constantly on the "day to day", that they have lost sight a medium-term personal plan.

Even if they have an end point in mind, the immediate options, decisions and actions to unlock their potential are not clear to them.  If this sounds familiar, then I can help you. 

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Kick starting your next chapter

There are easy and achievable steps that we will progress over 4 sessions leading to much greater clarity in your life.  These steps will ensure you understand your current goals more clearly and work out the immediate actions to move towards them.

I will help you identify those actions, one by one and gently hold you accountable to the commitments you make.

After an initial free 20-30 minute introduction session I recommend 4 x 1 hour sessions, at 3 week intervals.

This timing creates space for actions and reflection between sessions whist keeping momentum up. The length of the course leads to you achieving tangible outcomes within a few months.

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How do the sessions work...?

I run video sessions if logistics permit, we can hold face to face sessions in central London, though I charge more for such sessions.

In each session, you can expect focussed one-to-one coaching time from me.  We will work through exercises and discussions to help you:

Unlock where you want to be in this stage of your life

Understand why that is the case

Focus on some short term commitments to move towards that goal.

Hold yourself accountable for doing the actions we agree in each session

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If you are interested...

You can read more about what motivated me to become a coach in the About Me section and what others have said about working with me in the Testimonials section.

Coaching requires an open mind, commitment to the approach and, critically, accountability from you for the actions we discuss and agree.

I can help you decide what needs to be done for you by listening and questioning; I can't decide for you.  I will not be close enough to the individuals, details and nuances of your specific situation to provide specific advice.  Instead, we will work together to find the right path forwards.

I will be a sounding board, ask searching questions and offer ideas or exercises so that together we find the best next steps.

My contact details are below, I look forward to hearing from you.

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